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The larger sized videos below feature a tribute and eulogy to Ken Wapnick, PhD, who passed from this earth on Dec 27 2013, and a brief discussion by Ken of his interpretation of meditation as viewed by A Course in Miracles. For more of his teachings on A Course in Miracles please select the tab above for “Ken Wapnick, PhD”.

Please note that significant differences encountered in the Text of different manuscripts of A Course in Miracles do result in different interpretations. A few concepts such as soul and spiritual eye, which are altered or omitted in the Foundation for Inner Peace editions, may be found intact in the editions produced by Doug Thompson from Helen Schucman’s earlier Shorthand Notes and Urtext Manuscripts. Since the earlier manuscripts were discovered and provided to Doug T in 2000, he has been working toward creating a “definitive” or “consensus” edition of A Course in Miracles based on those earliest available manuscripts. Unfortunately, some manuscripts  remain unavailable as Ken was never inclined to share or subject them to academic scholarship or discourse.  We may now only hope that he made some accommodation for them to be shared with the world upon his passing.

Meanwhile, we’re working on an update of A Course in Miracles On Copyright Law that will shed light on the nearly 10 years and $2,000,000 (two million dollars) in litigation initiated by Ken over the copyrights and trademarks to A Course in Miracles. More information on the copyright issue is available on the “Books from Miracles in Action Press” page on this site.

Video selections beyond those of specific “teachers” or workbook lessons are generated randomly by an imperfect process. Some videos may be of opposing thought systems or teachers. Inclusion of specific teachers and teachings doesn’t mean anything except that the tabbed teachers attempt to teach A Course in Miracles insofar as that is possible. Please let us know of any teachers we’ve left out and we’ll be glad to add them to the tabbed selections. Inclusion of teachers in tabs does not constitute an endorsement by Miracles in Action Press of their teaching or of their interpretation of the material. Indeed, our position is that A Course in Miracles is a work in progress and teachings that are developed exclusively from the mass market bluebook editions, while well intended introductions to the concepts, are incomplete at best…. Please see Doug Thompson’s commentaries in the appendices of the Urtext Manuscripts for clarification of a few issues in this regard.

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